Administration & Governance

One office is located in Washington D.C. area and the second is in Moscow on the
campus of the institute. The U.S. office is mainly responsible for fund-raising and
faculty recruitment in the United States and Canada. The President, Dr. John A.
Bernbaum, operates out of this office and also spends approximately one-third to
one-half of his time during the academic year in Moscow. Dr. Vladimir Obrovets,
Vice President for External Relations, and Alexsandr Smirnov, Vice President for
Administration, work at the Moscow campus. This leadership team is responsible
for developing the academic program of the institute, overseeing student life, and
managing the institute’s facilities.
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Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the institute and is legally responsible for establishing and maintaining the mission of the institute. Board members serve three year terms. The Board’s primary responsibilities include appointing and reviewing the work of the chief staff officer (President), overseeing the institute’s academic programs, reviewing the institute’s budget and financial plans, and enhancing the institute’s public image.
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Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors has a consultative role with the institute. Its members, both Russian and American, are frequently called upon for advice and counsel concerning the institute’s development. Members of the Advisory Board also give credibility to the institute and, because of their leadership positions in Russia and the United States, are well positioned to enhance the institute’s reputation and interpret its role in Russian society.
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