Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors has a consultative role with the institute. Its members, both Russian and American, are frequently called upon for advice and counsel concerning the institute’s development. Members of the Advisory Board also give credibility to the institute and, because of their leadership positions in Russia and the United States, are well positioned to enhance the institute’s reputation and interpret its role in Russian society.

Mr. George V. Denisenko
Senior Vice President

Mr. Max DePree
Chairman Emeritus
Herman Miller, Inc.
Holland, MI, USA

Dr. Anita Deyneka
Coordinator, Home for Every Orphan
Russian Ministries
Wheaton, IL, USA

Mr. Sergei Drojjin
Chief Financial Officer
Russian Diret Investment Fund
Moscow, Russia

Mr. Neil R. Lessman
Director of Development
Integra Russia
Moscow, Russia

Mr. William A. Mitchell, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus
Carter & Associates
Atlanta, GA, USA

Mr. Vladimir M. Platonov
Moscow City Council (Duma)
Moscow, RUSSIA

C. William Pollard
Chairman Emeritus
The ServiceMaster Company
Wheaton, IL, USA

Mr. Kyle H. Royer
Vice President for Finance
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
Washington, DC, USA

Mr. Charles E. Ryan
UGF Asset Management
Moscow, Russia

Ms. Stacie D. Schrader
Country Director – Russia
Opportunity International
Nizhni Novgorod, RUSSIA

Mr. Clyde Taylor
Ambassador (Retired)
U. S. Foreign Service
Washington, DC, USA

Ralph D. Veerman
Veerman & Associates
Orlando, FL, USA

Bob Wallingford
Partner – Tax Department
Moscow, Russia