RAI’s Dr. Christine Currie Is Featured Women’s Day Speaker

On Wednesday, March 7, at Word of Life Church in Moscow, Dr. Christine Currie, Director of RAI’s Center of Christian Counseling, spoke to a group of 400 women gathered for a celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8).

Julia Popova (translator) and Dr. Christine Currie

Speaking on “The Value of a Woman,” Dr. Currie highlighted the essential contribution of women to family life and to church life.  As God’s gifted “relationship experts,” women ensure, maintain, and champion the relationships without which family and church lose their sense of community and life.

Dr. Currie encouraged the women to value themselves and their special contribution to God’s Kingdom and their essential part in His plans.

During a reception following the evening service, several RAI students and friends from Word of Life church approached Christine to express their appreciation for her message and the continuing work of RAI’s School of Social Work and Counseling.

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