Christian Counseling Graduation

On Friday, February 17, 38 students, Christian church workers and pastors graduated from RAI’s School of Social Work and Counseling, having completed their five-month course in “Christian Counseling.”  This was the fourth class to graduate from this RAI program; during its first 18 months, the School of Social work and Counseling has graduated 85 trained church leaders to serve in their local churches.

On March 6, the fifth Social Work and Counseling class began, with 20 Christian leaders registered.  RAI attributes the success of this program to its faith-centered, Christian worldview that balances the theory and practical application of psychology and counseling.

Comments from RAI graduates:

“The course was pleasing in its practicality, good atmosphere, and the form of delivery made the knowledge very accessible.  In a short period of time, a large amount of very useful, practical information was given.  The value of the course is that this knowledge can immediately be applied to life.”

“This course was very useful and thorough; my expectations were completely fulfilled.   Although I’ve served as a Christian counselor for some time, my counseling has been largely intuitive because I was self-taught.  This course suggested a definite method and approach that I can use to help my counseling to be more effective.”

“This course is very useful, especially for pastor and church leaders who are involved in Christian counseling and soul care.  I’ve been a pastor for many years and every week I have meet with people who want my help as they decide their problems.  Therefore, I hoped to receive from this course a practical method of counseling that would help me in my ministry, and I receive much more than I expected!”

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