English Language School

The RAI English Language Program is a non-traditional course of study designed to help Russian students and working adults reach their English language goals.  What sets us apart from the myriad of other language schools in Moscow?  We desire to be a nurturing community where our teachers and staff demonstrate the character of Christ through excellent instruction and outstanding student care.

Learning a language is an enormously complex task.  The English student faces not only inherent language complexity, but a struggle to maintain confidence in face of constant errors and a fight to stay motivated during long period of slow progress.   It is as much a battle of the heart as it is the mind.  Students need teachers who not only possess sound methodology, but who also care deeply about meeting their language learning needs and who provide a nurturing and encouraging environment.  This is why we believe that when all things are equal in terms of training, Christians are capable of being the best teachers on the planet.  The classroom is the perfect place to incarnate Christ’s commitment to serving people.

Our principles:

  • Excellence:  We select teachers of high standards, and equip, train, and mentor them to succeed using our approach.
  • Enthusiasm:  We are excited about helping our students reach their goals.
  • Encouragement:  We assess our students carefully, monitoring their progress and even customizing the program to suit their individual needs if necessary.
  • Example:  Our teachers build relationships with their student group both in and outside of the classroom.  We know that teachers who are spiritually whole have a great opportunity to provide positive input into the lives of our students.

Student groups meet twice weekly, for two hours either in the morning, early evening, or late evening.   In addition, students (and the general community) are invited to attend our monthly “English Club”, which is an entertaining way to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere of community.

Our academic program focuses on speaking, as Russian students have usually had years of grammar and reading, with little success producing language.  We use New Headway curriculum from Oxford press, which follows the “Common European Framework” of languages—the overarching guide to assessing and evaluating a student’s language competence.  Our class time is spent in communicative activity from the textbook, freestyle conversation, and “media learning”—a chance to learn the social context of English through music, film, or theater.

An inspiring vision, sound methodology, and a committed team are why we believe Russian students will continue coming to our programs, and why Christian English teachers should consider getting involved.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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